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bodhi (0) [2007-02-08 8:58]

Wonderful composition, colours and textures.

bodhi (0) [2007-01-20 13:44] [+]

Great composition and I enjoy the monochromatic elements very much. I especially like the way the background and
dog are similar tones of brown and then the sharpness of focus on the dog
pops it out of the similar background. Also the black eyes and black wheel complement each other in the picture. Very painterly.
Regards Laila

bodhi (0) [2007-01-20 12:32] [+]

Excellent Detail. The look of silver metal is an excellent capture... I too thought it was a piece of jewellery.
Looks like a silver and carnelian ring.
My husband has this camera and I didn't realize that it was capable
of such good quality macro.
Regards Laila