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aniaris (138) [2008-10-07 1:54]

Nice and very greek capture. I liked pozaru's workshop because the right part is unnecessary.

aniaris (138) [2008-06-10 8:24]

Well, that's your best shot by far. It frightens me, it makes me nervous, then it warms me and magnetizes me. I can't take my eyes off this fantastic pair of eyes. Amazing photo.
The girl behind keeps a wonderful balance.

aniaris (138) [2008-06-10 2:23]

It's not perfet but the spontaneity of your photo makes me like it as it is.

aniaris (138) [2008-01-21 18:02] [+]

that's a very nice portrait. Good light, excellent mood. You cropped her shoulder but I don't care because I feel like she's gonna tell me a secret..
I like it.

aniaris (138) [2008-01-19 5:13]

Very nice picture. I like the position of those two people and the three big waves. I'm not sure about the fact that the focus is on the man and the sea. It might be a little bit annoying that the front subject is blur. I'm not sure as I said. Very nice catch!

aniaris (138) [2008-01-15 6:00]

This photo is very optimistic. The fact that the legs of the child are missing is so weird. I like it. The kid is flying.

aniaris (138) [2008-01-15 4:57]

Karol, this is a great and unique photo. Full of compassion and selfless devotion. The blur in the front left is too much but it can be easily cropped. Congratulations for capturing and sharing. It's not easy to do it sometimes.

aniaris (138) [2008-01-10 12:05]

Great photo, Yasin. The face of this old man nailed my attention as much as his hat did. I came out of the picture peacefully, through the path behind.
I believe that the photo should be cropped, so that the window above the man would disappear.