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ananda (117) [2011-02-27 2:16]

Cantik sekali hijaunya... TFS Yopie.. :-)

ananda (117) [2010-08-29 5:29]

Hi Ryszard..

This picture is more like my dream at night. Almost like painting and so beautiful.. Really love it..TFS.. :-)

Regards, Ananda

ananda (117) [2010-08-29 5:22]

Hi Anna,

They say that cat has nine lives.. Well.. he better use it.. Well captured.. Run kitty.. run!! And you should move away fast.. :-D


ananda (117) [2010-08-19 5:31] [+]

Hi Mike

I love the mood you brought into this photo.. So feminine, serene, pretty and lonely at the same time.. Thanks for sharing this..

Regards, Ananda

ananda (117) [2010-08-19 5:27]

Hi Trudy,

I really love the composition, the red flower makes perfect balance with the larger area of greens.. Simple and pretty.. TFS..

Regards, Ananda

ananda (117) [2010-08-18 5:44]

Hahaha... This one really a nice captured... You capture the details and the sharpness.. I love this.. TFS...

Regards, Ananda

ananda (117) [2010-08-18 5:26]

Hi Terry

This is really bring out a lonely sad mood... But this is really pretty.. TFS..

Regards, Ananda

ananda (117) [2010-08-13 6:43]

Gosh.. I'm speechless.. This is so amazing.... Thanks for sharing Jamie...

Regards, Ananda

ananda (117) [2010-08-13 6:22]

Oh how I love Paris... There's always something beautiful in every corner of this city... Just a thought since I like everything in symmetrical maybe I would like to see that gate in the center of this composition... I thought it would be more dramatic..

ananda (117) [2010-08-12 21:20]

You captured this in pretty color & framing.. Thanks for sharing Carme..
Best regards, Ananda