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alekswithks (49) [2008-03-09 21:55]

Very picturesque & Anne of Green Gables-ish. Nice angle and I like how the fallen flowers have created lines.

alekswithks (49) [2008-03-08 20:36]

This is simply exquisite! It's like milk flooding the mountains. Loves it!

alekswithks (49) [2008-03-08 20:32]

Why thank you! Such a lovely flower :).

alekswithks (49) [2008-03-06 22:16]

Texture & composition are both interesting and well executed. Congrats.

alekswithks (49) [2008-03-03 19:26]

First Word That Comes to Mind: Cold.

How it made me feel: It made me feel sorry for the poor shmuck who is walking with one bare foot in the snow. Hello frostbite.

What I like: The subject and title! Quite funny

What I donít like: That barbed wire looks like oww.

alekswithks (49) [2008-03-03 19:23]

First Word That Comes to Mind: Picturesque!

How it made me feel: Like going on a long road-trip.

What I like: Everything...the POV, light, subject; you really captured this moment @ the perfect time of day.

What I donít like: Nothing to report here.

Effort: Highfive.

Colour: The clouds and sky are just lovely.

Composition: This is like a well adjusted side-view mirror. Just enough sky, just enough ground. Perfecto.

Direction of attention: The sun.


alekswithks (49) [2008-03-03 19:19]

First Word That Comes to Mind: Explosive.

What I like: The colour choice of the object & idea.

What I donít like: I think this would have worked better if there was a nicer background, interesting lighting and a more advanced set up.

Effort: A+.

alekswithks (49) [2008-02-26 18:55]

First Word That Comes to Mind: Sleepiness.

How it made me feel: Reminds me of the song "Turn the Page." It obviously evokes fearful feelings, because of the dangerous conditions.

What I like: Perspective

What I donít like: Perspective

Effort: Considering you're behind the wheel, good job.

Colour: Good stuff.

Composition: Vera nice!

Misc: I'm going to take issue with you for taking pics while driving!! Grr!!!

alekswithks (49) [2008-02-26 16:49]

First Word That Comes to Mind: Bomb.

How it made me feel: Evokes a feeling of balance. I think this is due to the high level of symmetry in the photo. Also, it has that mushroom cloud thing going.

alekswithks (49) [2008-02-26 15:46]

First Word That Comes to Mind: Misery.

How it made me feel: This photo creates a reflective mood.

What I like: I think B&W was the best possible choice. I don't know if you did any PP work, but I do very much like the fogginess that sets in as you look deeper in the photo. It just looks very natural, because it looks like the vehicle ahead of you raised this flurry of snow.

What I donít like: No problems to report.

Effort: 5 gold stars!

Colour: Tres bien.

Composition: Love it. I'm not one for big spaces in photos going unused like the white is in this one, but it works very well.

Direction of attention: Big tree @ the front.