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Taipan (32) [2007-03-06 0:37] [+]

Wow, powerful mood shot Denise. Composure is nice. I like the concentration on the eyes, but that the aren't vertically centered.

Taipan (32) [2007-02-22 12:06] [+]

Fantasic POV and framing.
On my monitor I do the the WS version from Sarah171 better for color.
Good job.

Taipan (32) [2007-02-20 22:52]

Great candid shot. Cute dog. Love innocent look on her face.

Taipan (32) [2007-02-20 14:51] [+]

Nice addition. Is there a version with more of the little house in it?

Taipan (32) [2007-02-19 12:58] [+]

Fantastic shot Denise. I really enjoy the colors and composition. The offset sun really creates great geometry with the Saguaros. Thanks for the into to the site.

Taipan (32) [2007-02-19 12:33]

I love this one Anca. I love the captured motion in B&W on the specific subject. It captures the mate very well.