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HMPhotoArt (44) [2013-07-13 21:26]

beautiful model, but not so beautiful background. try this picture again at another location to make her the main focus, this background is a bit busy. great pose!

HMPhotoArt (44) [2013-07-13 21:24]

simplicity is beauty in this photo! GREAT

HMPhotoArt (44) [2013-06-24 18:57]

Great Pic Craig!!

HMPhotoArt (44) [2013-06-24 18:56] [+]

i like the concept! and the people in the background going about their daily lives! un-staged!

HMPhotoArt (44) [2013-06-24 18:55] [+]

the focus is great! it is so clear!!! Is this in the Botanic gardens of Chicago?

HMPhotoArt (44) [2013-06-15 22:25]

The focus is inpecable!

HMPhotoArt (44) [2013-06-15 6:48]

The perspective is great as well as the idea behind the picture!

HMPhotoArt (44) [2013-06-15 6:45] [+]

What a beautiful sight! But one of the legs of the bridge is distracting from the water as a subject? Is it possible to photoshop that out?

HMPhotoArt (44) [2013-06-15 6:43]

I'm not fond of flash light, it's so obvious in a picture. But kudos for finding this mushroom! I've never seen one like it, for me that's what's interesting about the photo!

HMPhotoArt (44) [2013-06-15 6:40]

That poor butterfly! But it creates a deeper meaning in the photograph! Great!