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DarrylMitchell (19) [2010-08-20 12:49] [+]

you are a talented man Tahseen.

the detailed work you've put into this model is amazing.
The hard work, patience and research has certainly paid off.

As for the photograph:
Well exposed, good control of light shooting into the light. good depth, ensuring ther entire image is in focus from wing tip to fueslage.

Good work,


DarrylMitchell (19) [2010-05-04 3:50]

Well lets start off by me making a fool out of my self signing along to a song and i saw this photo and my jaw dropped.

This image is simply stunning,. I love how you have captured the shadows which really draws your attention to the main subject.

Tip Top work Edward!!

DarrylMitchell (19) [2010-04-28 3:52]

Two Words - Bloody Fantastic

I really love how you have captured a real natural moment. Nothing beats it! With the babies and their Dad in the centre of the photo you have presented us with a picture perfect shot!

Personally i am not that keen on the vignette as it seems to "dull" the image. Nonetheless it certainly does draw your attention to the subject!!

Fantastic work.